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RadListBoxDragDropHelper Class
Represents drag and drop helper for the RadListBox control.
Inheritance Hierarchy
  Telerik.Windows.DragDrop.BehaviorsDragDropHelperListBoxDragDropBehavior, DragDropState

Namespace: Telerik.Windows.Controls
Assembly: Telerik.Windows.Controls (in Telerik.Windows.Controls.dll) Version: 2018.1.220.40 (2018.1.220.40)
public class RadListBoxDragDropHelper : DragDropHelper<ListBoxDragDropBehavior, DragDropState>

The RadListBoxDragDropHelper type exposes the following members.

Public methodRadListBoxDragDropHelper
Initializes a new instance of the RadListBoxDragDropHelper class.
Protected methodCreateDragVisualProviderState
Creates and initializes a DragVisualProviderState object.
(Inherited from DragDropHelperTBehavior, TState.)
Protected methodCreateStateForDrop
Creates and initializes a DragDropState from the provided DragEventArgs.
(Overrides DragDropHelperTBehavior, TStateCreateStateForDrop(FrameworkElement, FrameworkElement, Object, Type).)
Protected methodDragDropCompleted
When overridden in a derived class allows calling custom code on the DragDropCompleted event.
(Overrides DragDropHelperTBehavior, TStateDragDropCompleted(FrameworkElement, Object, Type, Boolean).)
Protected methodDragLeave
Hides the drop visual on mouse leave.
(Overrides DragDropHelperTBehavior, TStateDragLeave(FrameworkElement, FrameworkElement, Object, Type).)
Protected methodDragOver
When overridden in a derived class allows calling custom code on the DragOver event.
(Overrides DragDropHelperTBehavior, TStateDragOver(FrameworkElement, FrameworkElement, Object, Type).)
Protected methodDrop
Drops the specified drop target.
(Overrides DragDropHelperTBehavior, TStateDrop(FrameworkElement, FrameworkElement, Object, Type).)
Protected methodFindDraggedItem
Finds the ListBoxItem that contains the provided element.
(Overrides DragDropHelperTBehavior, TStateFindDraggedItem(FrameworkElement).)
Protected methodFindDragSource
Finds the ListBox that contains the provided element.
(Overrides DragDropHelperTBehavior, TStateFindDragSource(FrameworkElement).)
Protected methodFindDropItemsControl
Finds the ListBox that should accept the dragged items.
(Overrides DragDropHelperTBehavior, TStateFindDropItemsControl(FrameworkElement, Object).)
Protected methodFindDropTarget
Finds a ListBoxItem from the target control that contains the provided element.
(Overrides DragDropHelperTBehavior, TStateFindDropTarget(FrameworkElement).)
Protected methodGetContainerFromItem
Returns the container for the specified item. When overridden in a derived class allows usage of custom ItemContainerGenerators.
(Inherited from DragDropHelperTBehavior, TState.)
Protected methodGetDraggedItems
Returns the SelectedItems list of the ListBox that contains the dragged item and adds the dragged item to the list if it is not already present there.
(Overrides DragDropHelperTBehavior, TStateGetDraggedItems(FrameworkElement).)
Protected methodGetItemsFromDataObject
Retrieves items from the specified data object only of the specified type.
(Inherited from DragDropHelperTBehavior, TState.)
Protected methodGetItemsSource
Returns a list containing the items of the specified control.
(Inherited from DragDropHelperTBehavior, TState.)
Protected methodGetItemType
Returns the Type of the items in the provided control.
(Inherited from DragDropHelperTBehavior, TState.)
Public methodSetDropVisualPlaceholder
Initialize the DragVisualPlaceholder used in the DragAndDrop operations.
Public methodSetDropVisualProvider
Initialize the DropVisualProvider used in the DragAndDrop operations.
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