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ThemeGallery Properties

The ThemeGallery type exposes the following members.

Protected propertyBuiltInItems
Gets the built in items.
(Overrides PopupGalleryBaseTBuiltInItems.)
Protected propertyConfirmDeleteMessage
Gets the message to confirm delete.
(Overrides PopupGalleryBaseTConfirmDeleteMessage.)
Protected propertyCurrentItem
Gets or sets the current item.
(Overrides PopupGalleryBaseTCurrentItem.)
Protected propertyCustomItems
Gets the custom items.
(Overrides PopupGalleryBaseTCustomItems.)
Public propertyDeleteCommand
Gets or sets the delete command.
(Inherited from PopupGalleryBaseT.)
Public propertyEditCommand
Gets or sets the edit command.
(Inherited from PopupGalleryBaseT.)
Public propertyGalleryContentItemStyle
Gets or sets the style of gallery content item.
(Inherited from PopupGalleryBase.)
Public propertyGalleryHeaderItemStyle
Gets or sets the style of gallery header item.
(Inherited from PopupGalleryBase.)
Public propertyIsParentDropDownOpened
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the parent drop down is opened.
(Inherited from PopupGalleryBase.)
Public propertyPopupContentWidth
Gets or sets the width of the popup content.
(Inherited from PopupGalleryBase.)
Public propertyRadSpreadsheet
Gets or sets the RadSpreadsheet of the Popup Gallery.
(Inherited from PopupGalleryBase.)
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