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Telerik.Windows.DragDrop Namespace
Public classDragDecorator
A content control that display cursor based on what actions are available during a drag operation.
Public classDragDropCompletedEventArgs
Information about the SW.DragDropCompleted event.
Public classDragDropManager
Provides helper methods and fields for initiating drag-and-drop operations, including a method to begin a drag-and-drop operation, and facilities for adding and removing drag-and-drop related event handlers.
Public classDragDropPayloadManager
Provides basic methods for extracting data for the DragPayload class.
Public classDragEventArgs
Contains arguments relevant to all drag-and-drop events (DragEnter, DragLeave, DragOver, and Drop).
Public classDragInitializeEventArgs
Contains arguments for the DragInitialize event.
Public classDragVisual
Public classGiveFeedbackEventArgs
Contains arguments for the GiveFeedback event.
Public classListBoxDragVisual
Represents the default drag visual element in RadListBox drag-drop operations.
Public classQueryContinueDragEventArgs
Contains arguments for the QueryContinueDrag event.
Public interfaceIEffectsPresenter
Provides mechanism for automatic updating Effects.
Public delegateDragDropCompletedEventHandler
Represents a method that gives information about the effect about drag-and-drop operation.
Public delegateDragEventHandler
Represents a method that will handle drag-and-drop routed events.
Public delegateDragInitializeEventHandler
Represents a method that will handle the initialization of drag-and-drop operation and populate the needed data.
Public delegateGiveFeedbackEventHandler
Represents a method that will handle the feedback routed event from in-process drag-and-drop operations.
Public delegateQueryContinueDragEventHandler
Represents a method that will handle the routed events that enables a drag-and-drop operation to be canceled by the drag source.
Public enumerationTouchDragTrigger
Enumeration for the possible TouchDragTriggers for the elements that can be dragged.