Telerik.Windows.Documents.Spreadsheet.Model Namespace
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Telerik.Windows.Documents.Spreadsheet.Model Namespace
Public classBooleanCellValue
Represents the value of a cell which contains a true or false value.
Public classCellBorder
Represents a cell border.
Public classCellBorders
Represents all the borders of a cell.
Public classCellIndex
Represents a cell index.
Public classCellIndexBase
Represents a base for the cell index and position classes.
Public classCellRange
Represents a range of cells.
Public classCellRangeInsertedOrRemovedAwareCollection
A collection which can process the results of insertions and removals of cell ranges.
Public classCellRangeInsertedOrRemovedAwareCollectionT
A collection which can process the results of insertions and removals of cell ranges.
Public classCellRangeInsertedOrRemovedAwareCollectionBase
Represents base for the CellRangeInsertedOrRemovedAwareCollection class.
Public classCellRangeInsertedOrRemovedAwareOrderedCollection
Represents cell range inserted or removed aware ordered collection.
Public classCellRangeInsertedOrRemovedEventArgs
Arguments for the CellRangeInsertedOrRemoved event.
Public classCellReference
Represents a reference to a cell.
Public classCellReferenceRange
Represents a cell reference range.
Public classCells
Represents the cells of the worksheet.
Public classCellSelection
Represents a selection of cells.
Public classCellValueBaseT
Provides base for the cell value types classes.
Public classCellValueFactory
Produces instances of ICellValue type.
Public classCellValueFormat
Describes the format that can be applied to a cell value.
Public classColumns
Represents a collection of columns.
Public classColumnSelection
Represents a column selection.
Public classColumnWidth
Represents a column width value.
Public classColumnWidthChangedEventArgs
Arguments for the ColumnWidthChanged event.
Public classCopyPasteResultBase
Represents a base class for copy - paste result.
Public classDefinedName
Represents a defined name in the RadSpreadsheet.
Public classEmptyCellValue
Represents the value of a cell which has no content.
Public classErrorCellValue
Represents error cell value class.
Public classFilteredSheetCollectionT
Represents a base for classes representing collections of a specific type of sheets.
Public classFindOptions
Describes the find options.
Public classFindResult
Represents the result of a find operation.
Public classFormulaCellValue
Represents the value of a cell which contains a formula.
Public classGradientFill
Describes a gradient type of fill.
Public classGroupingProperties
Contains properties related to the grouping functionality.
Public classHyperlinkCollection
Represents a collection of hyperlinks.
Public classHyperlinkInfo
Represents information about a hyperlink.
Public classMergedCellRangesChangedEventArgs
Arguments for the MergedCellRangesChanged event.
Public classNameCollection
Represents a collection of names.
Public classNumberCellValue
Represents the value of a cell which contains a number.
Public classPane
The class represents the pane.
Public classParseException
Inheritor of System.Exception used when a string cannot be parsed as a CellValue.
Public classPasteOptions
Describes the paste options.
Public classPasteResult
Describes a paste result.
Public classPatternFill
Describes a pattern type of fill.
Public classRangePropertyValueT
Represents a property value applied to an entire range.
Public classReplaceOptions
Represents the replace options.
Public classRowColumnReference
Represents a reference to a row or column.
Public classRowColumnSelectionBase
Provides base for the row and column selection classes.
Public classRowHeight
Represents a row height value.
Public classRowHeightChangedEventArgs
The arguments for the RowHeightChangedEvent.
Public classRows
Represents a collection of rows.
Public classRowsColumnsBase
Provides bas for the Rows and Columns classes.
Public classRowSelection
Represents a row selection.
Public classSelectionBase
Represents base for the selection classes.
Public classSelectionState
Represents the state of the selection in the worksheet.
Public classSheet
Represents a sheet.
Public classSheetCollection
Collection of Sheet.
Public classSheetCollectionChangedEventArgs
Arguments for the Changed event of the SheetCollection.
Public classSheetViewStateBase
Represents base for the WorksheetViewState class.
Public classSpreadsheetDefaultValues
Provides the default values of RadSpreadsheet.
Public classSpreadsheetHyperlink
Represents a hyperlink in the RadSpreadsheet.
Public classSpreadsheetNameCollectionScope
Describes the owner of a spreadsheet name collection.
Public classSpreadsheetNameException
Exception related to the spreadsheet names.
Public classTextCellValue
Represents the value of a cell which contains text.
Public classThemableColor
Represents a color which can be used in a theme.
Public classThemableFontFamily
Represents a font family which can be used in a theme.
Public classWidthHeightBase
Represents base for the RowWidth and ColumnWidth classes.
Public classWorkbook
A collection of sheets.
Public classWorksheet
A two-dimensional grid of cells that are organized into rows and columns.
Public classWorksheetCellIndex
A cell index in a specific worksheet.
Public classWorksheetCollection
Represents a collection of worksheets.
Public classWorksheetEntityBase
Represents a base class for table organization entities like rows, columns and cells.
Public classWorksheetFragment
Represents a fragment of a worksheet.
Public classWorksheetViewState
Represents the visible section of the worksheet.
Public structureFontProperties
Describes the properties of a font.
Public structureSizeI
Represents size.
Public interfaceICellValue
Defines members for the cell value types.
Public interfaceIFill
Defines members for the fill classes.
Public interfaceIFontProperties
Defines members for the FontProperties class.
Public interfaceISheet
Defines members for the sheet classes.
Public interfaceISheetEditor
Represents the sheet editor.
Public interfaceISheetViewState
Defines members for the sheet view state classes.
Public interfaceISpreadsheetName
Defines members for the spreadsheet names classes.
Public enumerationCellBorderStyle
Defines the types of border styles.
Public enumerationCellMergeState
Defines the types of merge state of a cell.
Public enumerationCellOrientation
Defines the cell orientation types.
Public enumerationCellValueType
Describes the types of cells.
Public enumerationClearType
Describes the types of clear.
Public enumerationColorShadeType
Defines the types of color shade.
Public enumerationComparisonOperator
Identifies the comparison operator.
Public enumerationDateUnitType
Represents the types of date units.
Public enumerationFindBy
Defines the types of find by options for the find and replace actions.
Public enumerationFindInContentType
Describes the types of find in content options for the find and replace actions.
Public enumerationFindWithin
Defines the types of find within options for the find and replace actions.
Public enumerationFontLanguageType
Describes the types of font languages.
Public enumerationGradientType
Describes the types of gradients.
Public enumerationHyperlinkType
Describes the types of hyperlinks.
Public enumerationInsertShiftType
Describes the types of cell shifting after insertion.
Public enumerationPaneState
Defines the states of a pane.
Public enumerationPasteType
Describes the paste types.
Public enumerationPatternType
Describes the types of patterns.
Public enumerationRadHorizontalAlignment
Describes the types of horizontal alignments.
Public enumerationRadVerticalAlignment
Describes the types of vertical alignments.
Public enumerationRangeType
Describes the types of ranges.
Public enumerationRemoveShiftType
Describes the types of cell shifting after remove.
Public enumerationSheetCollectionChangeType
Describes the types of change which can be applied to a sheet collection.
Public enumerationSheetType
Describes the possible types of sheets.
Public enumerationSheetVisibility
Describes the types of visibility of the sheets.
Public enumerationShiftType
Describes the types of shifting of the cells.
Public enumerationUnderlineType
Describes the possible types of underline.