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Telerik.Windows.Controls.RibbonView.Primitives Namespace
Public classButtonGroupPanel
Panel that arranges the buttons in the RadButtonGroup.
Public classContextualGroupCollection
Represents a collection of Ribbon Contextual groups.
Public classDropShadow
Used for popup shadows mostly.
Public classGroupChrome
Content control that provides the chrome for the Ribbon groups.
Public classRadRibbonApplicationDropDownButton
A DropDownButton control for that is used as and application button in the RadRibbonView.
Public classRibbonButtonsPanel
Panel used by the RibbonGroup to layout it's buttons Children.
Public classRibbonGalleryPanel
Panel used by the RadRibbonGallery to layout it's RadGalleryItem Children. When the gallery is open the marked as header children will become visible and the other children will be displayed as grouped.
Public classRibbonGroupsPanel
The panel used to arrange the ribbon groups in the tab.
Public classRibbonPanelBase
Base class for the Ribbon Tab panel.
Public classRibbonScrollViewer
Ribbon specific scroll viewer.
Public classRibbonTabStripPanel
Arranges the items on the tab strip so they resize in RibbonStyle.
Public classRibbonTitleBarPanel
The panel used to arrange the quick access toolbar, title bar and contextual tabs.
Public classWindowTitle
Used to render the RibbonTitle.
Public classWindowTitlePanel
The panel used to arrange the Title of the RadRibbonView.
Public enumerationRibbonTitleBarElement
Enumeration for the RibbonTitleBarPanel children.
Public enumerationWindowTitleState
Describes the state of the Window Title.