Telerik.Windows.Controls.LayoutControl Namespace
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Telerik.Windows.Controls.LayoutControl Namespace
Public classLayoutControlCommands
Public classLayoutControlDragVisual
Represents the drag visual of a drag-drop operation in a RadLayoutControl.
Public classLayoutControlDropIndicator
Represents a control that is used to indicate where the currently dragged item of a RadLayoutControl will be placed.
Public classLayoutControlGroupBase
Represents a base class for all groups displayed inside the RadLayoutControl.
Public classLayoutControlHierarchicalNodeProxy
MVVM representation of a hierarchical node which will be used from the LayoutControlToolBoxView.
Public classLayoutControlManipulationPane
Represents a control allowing modifications over the properties of the selected LayoutItem in the RadLayoutControl.
Public classLayoutControlMouseOverIndicator
Represents a control allowing mouse-over indication for the element that is under the mouse when the RadLayoutControl is in edit mode.
Public classLayoutControlPanel
Represents the default panel used by the RadLayoutControl.
Public classLayoutControlSelectionChangedEventArgs
A class that contains information about the SelectionChanged event of the RadLayoutControl.
Public classLayoutControlSelectionIndicator
Represents a control allowing resizing over its ContextItem property.
Public classLayoutControlSplitter
Represents a splitter used to resize the UI element located on its left in a LayoutControlGroup.
Public classLayoutControlToolBox
Represents the LayoutControlToolBox Control.
Public classLayoutControlToolBoxView
Represents the LayoutControlToolBoxView Control.
Public classTypeToPathDataConverter
Represents the converter that converts Type values to different path data based on the type.
Public enumerationLayoutControlAllowedActions
Flag enumeration for the allowed operation for the selected item in the RadLayoutControl.