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Telerik.Windows.Controls.GridView Namespace
Public classAggregateResultsList
Represents control that is used as a container for all GridViewAggregateResultCells.
Public classAggregatesToGroupFooterAggregatesConverter
Filters aggregates per column.
Public classAutoCompleteStringFilterEditor
Public classBaseItemsControl
The base class for items control bound to data.
Public classCellEventArgs
Provides basic data for the cell events.
Public classCellSelectionStyle
Describes the Style for a CellSelection of the worksheet for exporting.
Public classChildDataControlsPresenter
Presents the child data controls associated with the current parent record.
Public classCleanUpVirtualizedItemEventArgs
Provides data for the CleanUpVirtualizedItem event.
Public classColumnFilterDescriptor
The default implementation of IColumnFilterDescriptor.
Public classColumnFilterDescriptorExtensions
Extension methods for the IColumnFilterDescriptor interface.
Public classColumnGroupDescriptor
Represents a group descriptor, which groups and sorts by the value of its Column.
Public classColumnHeaderConverter
Determines the content of RadListBox's item used for column selection.
Public classColumnSortDescriptor
Represents a sort descriptor, which sorts by the value of its Column.
Public classCommonColumnHeader
The header shown above columns in the same column group.
Public classCommonColumnHeadersPanel
Panel that lays out common column headers (column groups). It communicates with GridViewDataControl's current measure info ensure consistence layout behavior.
Public classCommonHeaderPresenter
Presenter for the merged column headers displayed when column groups are defined.
Public classControlPanelItem
Default implementation of the IControlPanelItem interface.
Public classControlPanelItemButtonTooltipToVisibilityConverter
Public classControlPanelItemCollection
Represents a collection of ControlPanelItem objects.
Public classControlPanelItemControl
A control used for displaying control panel items.
Public classDataCellsPresenter
Used as Presenter of data cells of the row. It takes care of creating and displaying data cells.
Public classDataErrorEventArgs
Holds exception data to be custom processed by user code when DataError exception handled is set to true.
Public classDefaultKeyboardCommandProvider
Provides key commands.
Public classDetailsPresenter
This control is used for presenting row details.
Public classDistinctValueConverter
Public classDistinctValueViewModel
Represents a filter distinct value.
Public classEditorCreatedEventArgs
Public classExcelMLAlignment
Describes the ExcelML Alignment attribute.
Public classExcelMLFont
Describes the ExcelML Font attribute.
Public classExcelMLInterior
Describes the ExcelML Interior attribute.
Public classExcelMLNumberFormat
Describes the ExcelML NumberFormat attribute.
Public classExcelMLStyle
Describes the ExcelML Style attribute.
Public classExcelMLStylesEventArgs
Contains the ExcelML custom styles that are generated on the occurrence of the InitializingExcelMLStyles event.
Public classFieldFilterControl
This is for internal use only and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public classFieldFilterControlViewModel
This is for internal use only and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public classFilterCompositionLogicalOperatorConverter
Converts FilterCompositionLogicalOperator to String using localization infrastructure.
Public classFilterDescriptorViewModel
Holds properties for declarative binding of FilterDescriptor.
Public classFilterEditorFactory
Factory used to create editors for the filtering UI.
Public classFilteringControl
Public classFilteringControlBase
Represents the base class for filtering controls.
Public classFilteringDropDown
Public classFilteringViewModel
Provides a view model for interaction between the FilteringControl (UI) and FilterDescriptors (model).
Public classFilterOperatorConverter
Converts FilterOperator to String using localization infrastructure.
Public classFilterOperatorsLoadingEventArgs
Provides data for the FilterOperatorsLoading event.
Public classFilterOperatorToFilterEditorIsEnabledConverter
Public classFilterOperatorViewModel
This is for internal use only and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public classFrozenColumnsSplitter
The vertical splitter separating frozen columns from scrollable columns. By dragging the FrozenColumnsSplitter user can change the number of the frozen columns.
Public classFrozenColumnsSplitterBase
Represents a base class for FrozenColumnSplitter.
Public classFrozenColumnsSplitterRightSide
Represents a frozen columns splitter that is used to pin columns to the right side.
Public classGridLineWidthToThicknessConverter
An IValueConverter that converts a number to a Thickness based on the parameter.
Public classGridViewAddingNewEventArgs
Provides data for the AddingNewDataItem event.
Public classGridViewAggregateResultCell
Represents a cell which holds the returned by an aggregate function result.
Public classGridViewBaseVirtualizingPanel
Provides a framework for Panel elements that virtualize their child data collection. This is an abstract class.
Public classGridViewCell
Represents a field, as an element of the user interface, of a RadGridView.
Public classGridViewCellBase
A base class for grid cells.
Public classGridViewCellsPanel
Panel that lays out both cells and column headers. This stacks cells in the horizontal direction and communicates with the relevant GridViewColumn to ensure all rows give cells in a given column the same size.
Public classGridViewCheckBox
Lightened version of the standard checkbox containing reduced number of states.
Public classGridViewColumnGroupRow
Represents a single level of the column groups hierarchy.
Public classGridViewDataControl
GridViewDataControl provides the presentation of a collection of data items.
Public classGridViewDataControlExtensions
Contains the GridViewDataControl extension methods.
Public classGridViewDataLoadingEventArgs
Contains data needed to handle DataLoading event.
Public classGridViewDistinctValuesLoadingEventArgs
Contains data needed to handle DistinctValuesLoading event.
Public classGridViewEditorPresenter
Used as a presenter for GridViewCell edit element.
Public classGridViewFilteredEventArgs
Provides data for the Filtered event.
Public classGridViewFilteringEventArgs
Provides data for the Filtering event.
Public classGridViewFooterCell
This is User Interface(UI) element that is a part from footer row and represents a column footer.
Public classGridViewFooterCellBase
Base class for RadGridView footer cells.
Public classGridViewFooterIndentCell
Represents an indentation in a GridViewFooterRow.
Public classGridViewFooterRow
This is a User Interface (UI) element that represents the footer of the entire row, containing the columns footers.
Public classGridViewGroupFooterCell
This is User Interface(UI) element that is a part from group footer row and represents a column footer.
Public classGridViewGroupFooterIndentCell
Represents an indentation in a GridViewGroupFooterRow.
Public classGridViewGroupFooterRow
This is a User Interface (UI) element that represents the footer of the entire row, containing the columns footers.
Public classGridViewGroupHeaderCell
Represents a control that contains column aggregate results.
Public classGridViewGroupPanel
Represents a control that visualizes the headers of all columns used as grouping criteria.
Public classGridViewGroupPanelCell
This is User Interface(UI) element that is a part from group panel and represents a group description Dragging the GridViewGroupPanelCell is the key action to ungroup/reorder groups in the RadGridView.
Public classGridViewGroupPanelItem
Supports UI elements that provide visualization for the group cell.
Public classGridViewGroupRow
Represents a control used as a Group header, which is used to expand and collapse its associated rows and groups and display group specific information such as Aggregate functions, sort direction et cetera.
Public classGridViewHeaderCell
This is User Interface(UI) element that is a part from row header and represents a column header. Dragging the GridViewHeaderCell is the key action to group the RadGridView and reorder the columns, resizing the width of the element is a UI way to resize a column.
Public classGridViewHeaderIndentCell
Represents an indentation in a GridViewHeaderRow.
Public classGridViewHeaderRow
This is a User Interface (UI) element that represents the header of the entire row, containing the columns headers.
Public classGridViewIndentCell
Represents an element of the visual tree used to indent rows when grouping.
Public classGridViewItemContainerGenerator
An GridViewItemContainerGenerator is responsible for generating the UI on behalf of its host (e.g. BaseItemsControl). It maintains the association between the items in the control's data view and the corresponding UIElements. The control's item-host can ask the GridViewItemContainerGenerator for a Generator, which does the actual generation of UI.
Public classGridViewLengthConverter
Converts instances of various types to and from GridViewLength.
Public classGridViewLoadingIndicator
A Content Control that indicates when the grid is busy.
Public classGridViewMergedCell
Represents a field, as an element of the user interface, of a RadGridView.
Public classGridViewNewRow
GridViewNewRow is an user interface (UI) element used when adding new row.
Public classGridViewPinButton
GridViewPinButton is an user interface (UI) element used to freeze its corresponding row on scrolling.
Public classGridViewRow
GridViewRow is an user interface (UI) element used as a container for GridViewCells objects.
Public classGridViewRowDetailsEventArgs
Provides data for the LoadingRowDetails and UnloadingRowDetails events.
Public classGridViewRowItem
Represents a control that contains logically connected children (cells) and arranges them in a row-like manner.
Public classGridViewRowItemEventArgs
Hold data about GridViewRowItem.
Public classGridViewScrollViewer
Represents a scrollable area that can contain other visible elements.
Public classGridViewSearchPanel
Represents a control that visualizes a field giving the option to write and search in the items of RadGridView.
Public classGridViewSelectedCellsChangedEventArgs
Event arguments used for the SelectedCellsChanged event. Provides information about the cells that were added or removed from the SelectedCells collection.
Public classGridViewSelectedCellsChangingEventArgs
Event arguments used for the SelectedCellsChanging event. Provides information about the cells that are about to be added or removed from the SelectedCells collection.
Public classGridViewVirtualizingPanel
GridViewVirtualizingPanel is used to arrange children into single line.
Public classGroupHeaderRow
Public classGroupRowCancelEventArgs
Contains state information and event data associated with a cancelable group row event.
Public classGroupRowEventArgs
Provides basic data for the group row events.
Public classGroupRowItem
Represents a special group item used for group header and footers.
Public classGroupViewModel
Provides group related information to be displayed in the group header.
Public classHighlightTextBlock
Represents a special text block that enables coloring of specific char.
Public classHyperlinkButton
Represents a control that displays a hyperlink and content.
Public classIndentPresenter
IndentPresenter is a presenter for Indent cells for any row used when RadGridView is grouped.
Public classItemsChangedEventArgs
Provides data for the ItemsChanged event.
Public classLambdaColumnFilterDescriptor
A ColumnFilterDescriptor for GridViewExpressionColumn.
Public classLookupElement
A control used to display the cell value in GridViewComboBoxColumn when the cell is in display mode. Implements a basic functionality to convert selected value to display value from the lookup data.
Public classMemberColumnFilterDescriptor
A ColumnFilterDescriptor for GridViewDataColumn.
Public classMergedCellInfo
Class that describes the backing data behind an instance of GridViewMergedCell.
Public classOffsetToClipConverter
Converter used to provide clipping mask to elements depending on the horizontal scroll offset when horizontally scrolling.
Public classRowCancelEventArgs
Contains state information and event data associated with a cancelable row event.
Public classRowDetailsVisibilityChangingEventArgs
Provides data for the RowDetailsVisibilityChanging event.
Public classRowEventArgs
Provides basic data for the row events.
Public classRowLoadedEventArgs
Holds data about the loaded row.
Public classRowResizedEventArgs
Provides basic data for the group row events.
Public classRowResizingEventArgs
Provides basic data for the group row events.
Public classRowUnloadedEventArgs
Holds data about the unloaded row.
Public classScrollPositionIndicator
A Content Control that displays position information when deferred scrolling is turned on.
Public classSelectiveScrollingGrid
Subclass of Grid that knows how to freeze certain cells in place when scrolled. Used as the panel for the GridViewRow to hold the header, cells, and details.
Public classSortingIndexConverter
Public classSortingIndexToVisibilityConverter
Public classValidationResult
Represents the result returned by the ValidationRule.Validate method that indicates whether the checked value passed the ValidationRule.
Public structureCellRegion
A structure that represents a rectangular region of cells in GridViewDataControl. The origin of the region is specified by the Left and Top properties. The extent of the region is specified by the Width and the Height properties.
Public interfaceIColumnFilterDescriptor
Represents a column filter descriptor associated with a specific column.
Public interfaceIContainerGenerator
An interface that is implemented by classes which are responsible for generating user interface (UI) content on behalf of a host.
Public interfaceIControlPanelItem
Represents an interface for a RadGridView control panel item.
Public interfaceIDetailsProvider
Provides clients with details.
Public interfaceIDistinctValuesFilterDescriptor
Represents the distinct filter descriptor of a column filter descriptor.
Public interfaceIExportableElement
Elements which can be exported through the GridViewExportingWriter.
Public interfaceIFieldFilterDescriptor
Represents the field filter descriptor of a column filter descriptor.
Public interfaceIFilteringControl
Provides functionality required by all filtering components.
Public interfaceIGroupRow
Represents a group row.
Public interfaceIKeyboardCommandProvider
Provides key commands.
Public delegateCleanUpVirtualizedItemEventHandler
Represents the method that handles the GridViewVirtualizingPanel.CleanUpVirtualizedItem attached events.
Public delegateItemsChangedEventHandler
Represents the method that will handle the ItemsChanged event.
Public enumerationColumnAggregatesAlignment
Represents the different layout options for aggregate results.
Public enumerationColumnReorderOptions
Represents the Column reorder modes of RadGridView.
Public enumerationDataLoadMode
Indicates the type of data loading mode in GridViewDataControl.
Public enumerationExcelMLDataType
Describes the type of certain ExcelML Data attribute.
Public enumerationExcelMLHorizontalAlignment
Describes the ExcelML horizontal alignment options.
Public enumerationExcelMLPattern
Describes the ExcelML Pattern options.
Public enumerationExcelMLUnderline
Describes the ExcelML underline options.
Public enumerationExcelMLVerticalAlignment
Describes the ExcelML vertical alignment options.
Public enumerationFilteringMode
Specifies RadGridView's filtering mode.
Public enumerationFocusNavigationDirection
Specifies the direction within a user interface (UI) in which a desired focus change request is attempted. The direction is either based on tab order or by relative direction in layout.
Public enumerationGridLinesVisibility
Determines the visibility of the gridlines.
Public enumerationGridViewEditAction
Specifies values that represents the action which is performed when GridViewCell exits EditMode.
Public enumerationGridViewEditOperationType
Specifies values that represents the operation which is performed when GridViewCell or GridViewRow exits EditMode.
Public enumerationGridViewEditTriggers
Defines what kind of action should put GridViewCell into edit mode.
Public enumerationGridViewNewRowPosition
Specifies the position of RadGridView's insert row.
Public enumerationGridViewPinnedRowsPosition
Specifies the position of RadGridView's pinned rows.
Public enumerationGridViewRowDetailsVisibilityMode
Specifies the mode for showing row details of a GridViewDataControl
Public enumerationGridViewSelectionUnit
Defines the selection units used in GridViewDataControl.
Public enumerationGridViewTabStop
Defines if cell should be focused via TAB key.
Public enumerationGroupRenderMode
An enumeration specifying the virtualization mode of RadGridView.
Public enumerationGroupRowType
Public enumerationMergedCellsDirection
Specifies the different cell merging modes.
Public enumerationScrollUpdateMode
Enumerator that indicates the type of scrolling mode in use.
Public enumerationSelectiveScrollingOrientation
Enumeration to specify the scroll orientation of cells in selective scroll grid.