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Telerik.Windows.Controls.Data.PropertyGrid Namespace
Public classAutoBindBehavior
Public classAutoGeneratingPropertyDefinitionEventArgs
Provides data for the AutoGeneratingPropertyDefinition event.
Public classCollectionEditor
Represents a control that exposes UI for collection editing.
Public classCollectionEditorCommands
Exposes all the commands that CollectionEditor utilizes.
Public classCollectionEditorPicker
Represents a picker control class that provides UI for collection editing.
Public classCustomEditorBase
Represents the base class for the hosts of a custom editor.
Public classDropDownEditor
Represents a host of a custom editor. It represents a RadDropDownButton with that editor as DropDownContent.
Public classEditorAttribute
Attribute for specifying a custom editor for a particular property.
Public classFieldEventArgs
Provides information about PropertyGridField events.
Public classFlagEnumEditor
Represents a selection control for editing flag Enumeration values with a drop-down list that can be shown or hidden by clicking the arrow on the control.
Public classFlagEnumEditorViewModel
Represents the view model of the FlagEnumEditor control.
Public classFlagEnumValueViewModel
Holds information about Flag Enumeration member.
Public classFlatItemSourceConverter
Provides logic for sifting out the root properties.
Public classFlatRenderingItemTemplateSelector
A DataTemplate selector that provides ItemTemplate for the root ItemsControl.
Public classGroupDefinition
Provides information about a group of PropertyDefinition.
Public classGroupDefinitionsCollection
A read-only collection of GroupDefinition to be displayed when RadPropertyGrid is grouped.
Public classGroupingItemsSourceConverter
Provides grouping for properties in RadPropertyGrid.
Public classHeaderVisibilityConverter
Determines RadPropertyGrid's header height.
Public classInvertedVisibilityConverter
Determines PropertyGrid's mode.
Public classItemTemplateConverter
Provides logic for switching the view between flat and grouped (categorized) property fields.
Public classLookupPropertyDefinition
Contains information about a lookup property.
Public classModalEditor
Represents a host of a custom editor. It represents a button that opens a Window with that editor as a content.
Public classPropertyDefinition
Contains information about a property. Used for declarative definition of item properties displayed by RadPropertyGrid.
Public classPropertyDefinitionCollection
A collection of properties to be displayed and edited.
Public classPropertyGridBeginningEditEventArgs
Event args that describe RadPropertyGrid's BeginningEdit event.
Public classPropertyGridColumnResizer
Provides column resizing for RadPropertyGrid.
Public classPropertyGridCommandProvider
TODO: Update summary.
Public classPropertyGridDelegateCommandWrapper
Represents a concrete implementation of DelegateCommandWrapper for the scope of RadPropertyGrid.
Public classPropertyGridEditEndedEventArgs
Event arguments that describe RadPropertyGrid's EditEnded event.
Public classPropertyGridField
Provides UI for displaying and editing of a property in RadPropertyGrid.
Public classPropertyGridFieldEventArgs
An event arguments class that describes changes in a PropertyGridField instance.
Public classPropertyGridFilteringEventArgs
Provides data for the Filtering event.
Public classPropertyGridIndentCell
Indicates UI indentation for nested properties visualization.
Public classPropertyGridIndentPresenter
IndentPresenter is a presenter for Indent cells in nested property definitions of RadPropertyGrid.
Public classPropertyGridItemChangedEventArgs
Provides information about RadPropertyGrid's ItemChanged event.
Public classPropertyGridPresenter
Presents sorted or grouped fields in PropertyGrid.
Public classPropertyGridValidatedEventArgs
Event arguments that describe RadPropertyGrid's Validated event.
Public classPropertyGridValidatingEventArgs
Event arguments that describe RadPropertyGrid's Validating event.
Public classPropertySet
A dynamic type that describes a set of properties.
Public classPropertySetPropertyInfo
Public classPropertySetViewModel
A view model type that manages and exposes a dynamic property set.
Public classSelectedItemConverter
Used to convert the selected property definition when setting the IsSelected property of a field.
Public classVisibilityToGridLenghtConverter
Used to convert the visibility property of the description panel to the height property of the RowDefinition.
Public enumerationEditorStyle
Specifies the style of the editor defined through Telerik.Windows.Controls.PropertyGrid.EditorAttribute.
Public enumerationPropertyGridEditEndedAction
Represents the different RadPropertyGrid EditEnded actions.
Public enumerationPropertyGridEditMode
Represents the different edit modes of RadPropertyGrid.
Public enumerationPropertyGridLayoutStates
An enumeration that describes the different layout states of RadPropertyGrid.
Public enumerationPropertyGridMode
Specifies RadPropertyGrid's mode states.
Public enumerationPropertySetOperation
Describes different behaviors of property set construction.
Public enumerationRenderMode
Represents RadPropertyGrid's layout render mode.