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FlowOrderedLayoutBox Methods

The FlowOrderedLayoutBox type exposes the following members.

Public methodArrange (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Protected methodArrangeCore (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Protected methodArrangeOverride
Arranges the LayoutElement to its final location. The element must call the Arrange method of each of its children.
(Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Protected methodCanGrowVertically (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Protected methodCanGrowVerticallyOverride (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Protected methodCreateChildren (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Protected methodCreateChildrenCollection (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public methodCreateLayoutElement (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public methodCreateNewFragment (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Protected methodEnsureChildrenCreated (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Protected methodGetBoxDesiredGrow (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public methodGetPositionHandler (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public methodGetRootDocument (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public methodInvalidateArrange (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public methodInvalidateArrange(Boolean) (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public methodInvalidateArrangeUpToTheRoot (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public methodInvalidateLayoutAfterEdit (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public methodInvalidateMeasure (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public methodInvalidateMeasure(Boolean) (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public methodInvalidateMeasureUpToTheRoot (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public methodInvalidateMeasureUpToTheRootStable (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Protected methodIsInValidState
Determines whether the element is currently in valid state. That is having a valid RadElementTree reference and being in either Constructed or Loaded state.
(Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public methodLinkAfter
Public methodMeasure (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Protected methodMeasureCore (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Protected methodMeasureOverride
Measures the space required by the LayoutElement Used by the layout system.
(Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public methodMergeWithNext (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Protected methodOnAssociateDocumentElementChanged (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Protected methodOnBitStateChanged
Notifies the object for a change in its bit state.
(Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Protected methodOnChildDesiredSizeChanged (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Protected methodOnElementStructureChanged (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Protected methodOnElementStructureChanging (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Protected methodOnInvalidateArrange (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Protected methodOnInvalidateMeasure (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Protected methodOnParentChanged (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Protected methodOnParentChanging (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public methodStatic memberPair
Protected methodSetBitState
Applies the specified boolean value to the BitVector of the object.
(Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Protected methodSetParent (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Protected methodSetParentCore (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public methodToString (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public methodUnlink
Public methodValidateChild (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Protected methodValidateParent (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodGetCurrentSectionBox (Defined by ExtensionMethods.)
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