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TreeRouterBase Methods

The OrgTreeRouterTreeRouterBase type exposes the following members.

Protected methodGetFirstNearPoint
Gets the first near point from the inflated rectangle (closest ortogonal projection).
Public methodGetRoute
Gets the route.
Protected methodGetRoutePoints
Gets the route points.
Protected methodGetRouterSpecificRectHorizontalPoints
Gets the router specific rectangle horizontal points.
Protected methodGetRouterSpecificRectVerticalPoints
Gets the router specific rectangle vertical points.
Protected methodGetUnionRectangleRoutePoints
Gets the points between source and target point lying on a given rectangle.
Protected methodGetUnionRectangleRoutePoints(Rect, Point, Point)
Gets the route points when shapes overlap.
Protected methodSetConnectorsWhenShapesOverlap
Sets the connectors when shapes overlap.
Protected methodSetSourceAndTargetConnectors
Sets the source and target connectors.
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