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GenericContainerGeneratorT Methods

The GenericContainerGeneratorT generic type exposes the following members.

Public methodClearCache
Clears the recycled containers cache.
Public methodContainerFromItem
Returns the container for the given item.
Public methodGenerateConnectionContainer
Generates the connection container.
Public methodGenerateContainer
Generates the container for the given item.
Public methodGenerateContainers
Generates the containers.
Public methodGenerateGeometryShapeContainer
Generates a geometry shape container.
Public methodItemFromContainer
Returns the item for a specific container.
Public methodMapItemToContainer
Maps the item to container.
Public methodMapItemToRecycledContainer
Maps the item to a recycled container.
Protected methodOnStatusChanged
Raises the status changed event.
Public methodRemoveContainer
Removes the container.
Public methodRemoveItem
Removes the item.
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