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DrawingService Methods

The DrawingService type exposes the following members.

Public methodClearPoints
Clears the anchor and control points.
Public methodCompleteDraw
Completes the draw.
Public methodCreateDrawCommand
Creates the DrawCommand that sets the new state of the Shape or reverts the old state.
Public methodCreateHandlesGeometry
Create geometry for the Path Handles in Path Tool.
Public methodCreateShapeGeometry
Creates Geometry for a shape from a given DrawingToolSegments.
Public methodDrawPoints
Draws the points.
Public methodInitializeDraw
Initializes draw action.
Public methodRemoveLastAnchorPoint
Removes the last anchor point.
Public methodRemoveLastControlPoint
Removes the last control point.
Public methodSetState
Sets the state.
Public methodStartDraw
Starts the draw.
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