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ConnectionManipulationTool Methods

The ConnectionManipulationTool type exposes the following members.

Public methodActivateTool
Activates the tool.
(Inherited from ToolBase.)
Public methodDeactivateTool
Deactivates the tool.
(Inherited from ToolBase.)
Public methodInitialize
Initializes the specified service locator.
(Overrides ToolBaseInitialize(IGraphServiceLocator).)
Public methodKeyDown
Handles the key down event.
Public methodKeyUp
Handles the key up event.
Public methodMouseDoubleClick
Handles the mouse double click event.
Public methodMouseDown
Handles the mouse-down event.
Public methodMouseMove
Handles the mouse-move event.
Public methodMouseUp
Handles the mouse-up event.
Protected methodOnActivated
Called when tool is IsActive is changed to true.
(Inherited from ToolBase.)
Protected methodOnDeactivated
Called when tool is IsActive is changed to false.
(Inherited from ToolBase.)
Protected methodRestoreCursor
Restores the cursor.
(Inherited from ToolBase.)
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