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IRadWorksheetEditorPresenter Methods

The IRadWorksheetEditorPresenter type exposes the following members.

Public methodBringIntoView
Brings the into view.
Public methodFocus
Focuses this instance.
Public methodGetCellIndexFromViewPoint
Gets the cell index from view point.
Public methodGetDocumentPointFromViewPoint
Gets the document point from view point.
Public methodGetNearestCellIndexFromViewPoint
Gets the nearest cell index from view point.
Public methodGetViewPointFromDocumentPoint
Gets the view point from document point.
Public methodHideDropMarker
Hides the drop marker.
Public methodHideSelectionMarkers
Hides the selection markers.
Public methodInvalidateLayout
Invalidates the layout.
(Inherited from IWorksheetPresenterBase.)
Public methodMoveDropMarker
Moves the drop marker.
Public methodSetHorizontalOffset
Sets the horizontal offset.
Public methodSetVerticalOffset
Sets the vertical offset.
Public methodShowDropMarker
Shows the drop marker.
Public methodShowSelectionMarkers
Shows the selection markers.
Public methodUpdateToViewWithTopLeftCellIndex
Updates the view port so the top left cell index is the desired one.
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