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UILayer Methods

The UILayer type exposes the following members.

Public methodClear
Clears this instance.
Protected methodGetAddedUIElements
Gets the added UI elements.
Protected methodGetElementVisibility
Gets the element visibility.
Protected methodIsElementVisible
Determines whether the specified element is visible.
Protected methodOnOwnerChanged
Called when owner is changed.
Protected methodOnUIUpdated
Called when UI is updated.
Protected methodSetElementVisibility
Sets the element visibility.
Protected methodTranslate(Point, ViewportPaneType, UIUpdateContext)
Translates the specified point.
Protected methodTranslate(Rect, ViewportPaneType, UIUpdateContext)
Translates the specified rectangle.
Protected methodTranslateAndScale
Translates and scales the UI elements of the layer.
Public methodUpdateUI
Updates the UI.
Public methodUpdateUI(UIUpdateContext)
Updates the UI.
Protected methodUpdateUIOverride
Updates the UI.
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