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AppointmentCalendarExporter Methods

The AppointmentCalendarExporter type exposes the following members.

Protected methodAppointmentToCalObject
Convert Appointment to list of CalObject.
(Inherited from CalendarExporterBase.)
Protected methodCreateCalendar
Creates a new iCal file.
(Inherited from CalendarExporterBase.)
Protected methodCreateCalendarObject
Creates the ICalendar VCALENDAR object with default properties.
(Inherited from CalendarExporterBase.)
Public methodExport
Exports the specified appointments to ICalendar format.
(Inherited from CalendarExporterBase.)
Protected methodWriteAdditionalDataForAppointment
Writes the additional data for appointment.
(Overrides CalendarExporterBaseWriteAdditionalDataForAppointment(IAppointment, CalObject).)
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