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FieldListContextMenuBehavior Methods

The FieldListContextMenuBehavior type exposes the following members.

Protected methodAttach
Attaches this behavior to the element.
(Overrides AttachedBehaviorAttach(DependencyObject).)
Protected methodCreateContextMenu
Provide a context menu that would be displayed for the provided dataContext.
Protected methodDetach
Removes this behavior from the element.
(Overrides AttachedBehaviorDetach(DependencyObject).)
Public methodStatic memberGetBehavior
Gets the value of the Behavior attached property for the obj.
Protected methodRequestElementTypeTHost
Gets the element converted to THost. Throws appropriate exception if the element is not of the right type. Use this method in the Attach and Detach methods instead of safe casts.
(Inherited from AttachedBehavior.)
Public methodStatic memberSetBehavior
Sets the Behavior attached property for the obj to value.
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