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ApplicationButtonAutomationPeer Methods

The ApplicationButtonAutomationPeer type exposes the following members.

Public methodCollapse
Implementation of the Collapse method from the IExpandCollapseProvider interface.
Public methodExpand
Implementation of the Expand method from the IExpandCollapseProvider interface.
Protected methodGetClassNameCore
Gets a human readable name that, in addition to AutomationControlType, differentiates the control represented by this AutomationPeer.
(Overrides ButtonAutomationPeerGetClassNameCore.)
Protected methodGetHelpTextCore
Gets the string that describes the functionality of the ContentElement that is associated with this ContentElementAutomationPeer. Called by GetHelpText.
(Overrides FrameworkElementAutomationPeerGetHelpTextCore.)
Protected methodGetItemStatusCore
Gets a string that communicates the visual status of the UIElement that is associated with this UIElementAutomationPeer. This method is called by GetItemStatus.
(Overrides UIElementAutomationPeerGetItemStatusCore.)
Protected methodGetNameCore
Gets the name of the class of the element associated with this ButtonBaseAutomationPeer. Called by GetName.
(Overrides ButtonBaseAutomationPeerGetNameCore.)
Public methodGetPattern
Gets the AutomationPeer that is the parent of this AutomationPeer.
(Overrides ButtonAutomationPeerGetPattern(PatternInterface).)
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