MaterialControl Fields
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MaterialControl Fields

The MaterialControl type exposes the following members.

Public fieldStatic memberContentProperty
Identifies the Content dependency property. Default Value: null.
Public fieldStatic memberCornerRadiusProperty
Identifies the CornerRadius dependency property. Default Value: CornerRadius(0).
Public fieldStatic memberIsHighlightedProperty
Identifies the IsHighlighted dependency property. Default value: false.
Public fieldStatic memberIsPressedProperty
Identifies the IsPressed dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberIsRippleCenteredProperty
Identifies the key for the IsRippleCentered dependency property. Default value: false.
Public fieldStatic memberIsRippleEnabledProperty
Identifies the key for the IsRippleEnabled dependency property. Default value: true.
Public fieldStatic memberIsSmartClippedProperty
Identifies the IsSmartClipped dependency property. Default Value: false.
Public fieldStatic memberRippleBrushProperty
Identifies the RippleBrush dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberRippleOpacityProperty
Identifies the RippleOpacity dependency property. Default Value: 1.0 .
Public fieldStatic memberRippleSizeProperty
Identifies the RippleSize dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberRippleXProperty
Identifies the RippleX dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberRippleYProperty
Identifies the RippleY dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberShouldRespectInnerContentProperty
Identifies the ShouldIgnoreInnerContentPosition dependency property. Default value: false.
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