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RadRichTextBox Events

The RadRichTextBox type exposes the following members.

Public eventActiveDocumentEditorChanged
Occurs when active document editor changes.
Public eventCommandError
Occurs on error while executing command.
Public eventCommandExecuted
Occurs after the execution of RichTextBoxCommandBase.
Public eventCommandExecuting
Occurs before the execution of RichTextBoxCommandBase.
Public eventCommentShowing
Occurs when showing comment.
Public eventCurrentEditingStyleChanged
Occurs when the current editing style has changed.
Public eventCurrentParagraphStyleChanged
Occurs when the current paragraph's style has changed.
Public eventCurrentSpanStyleChanged
Occurs when the current span's style has changed.
Public eventCurrentVisiblePageChanged
Occurs when the CurrentPage property value has changed.
Public eventDocumentArranged
Occurs when the current document has been arranged.
Public eventDocumentChanged
Occurs when the current document has changed.
Public eventDocumentChanging
Occurs when the current document is changing.
Public eventDocumentContentChanged
Occurs when the content of the current document has changed.
Public eventDocumentLayoutModeChanged
Occurs when the layout mode of the current document has changed.
Public eventDocumentPresentationChanged
Public eventHyperlinkClicked
Occurs when the users clicks on a hyperlink in the current document.
Public eventIsReadOnlyChanged
Occurs when IsReadOnly property changes.
Public eventMergeFieldToStringConverting
Occurs when MergeField is going to calculate its value. If MergeFieldToStringConvertingEventArgs.ConvertedValue is set it becames a result string value.
Public eventPreviewEditorKeyDown
Public eventPrintCompleted
Occurs when print is completed.
Public eventPrintStarted
Occurs when printing has started.
Public eventProtectionStateChanged
Occurs when the current protection state has changed.
Public eventScaleFactorChanged
Occurs when the ScaleFactor property value has changed.
Public eventSelectedLayoutBoxChanged
Occurs when currently selected layout box has changed.
Public eventSelectionChanged
Occurs when selection is changed.
Public eventStreamFromUriResolving
Public eventUntrackableCommandExecuting
Occurs when executing command that does not support track changes and track changes are enabled.
Public eventUserInfoChanged
Occurs when the current user info has changed.
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