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RadPropertyGrid Events

The RadPropertyGrid type exposes the following members.

Public eventAutoGeneratingPropertyDefinition
Occurs when a property definition is being generated.
Public eventBeginningEdit
Occurs when a new edit operation is initiated.
Public eventEditEnded
Occurs when edit operation is finished.
Public eventFieldLoaded
Occurs when a new field is loaded.
Public eventFiltered
Occurs after filtering is applied to RadPropertyGrid.
Public eventFiltering
Occurs when filtering RadPropertyGrid.
Public eventGrouped
Occurs after grouping was performed.
Public eventItemChanged
Occurs when RadPropertyGrid's item gets changed.
Public eventPreparedEditor
Occurs when the field editor gets prepared .
Public eventSelectionChanged
Occurs when the selected property definition has changed.
Public eventSorted
Occurs after sorting was performed.
Public eventValidated
Occurs after validation of edit changes takes place.
Public eventValidating
Occurs before validation of edit changes takes place.
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