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MaskedInputExtensions Attached Properties

The MaskedInputExtensions type exposes the following members.

Attached Properties
Public attached propertyAllowMinusOnNullValue
Identifies the AllowMinusOnNullValue dependency property. If set to true minus will be allowed when the value in Null. Property is designed only for no-masked scenarios in NumericInput and CurrencyInput.
Public attached propertyAllowMinusOnZeroValue
Identifies the AllowMinusOnZeroValue dependency property. If set to false minus is not allowed before value of 0.
Public attached propertyAllowNull
Identifies the AllowNull dependency property.
Public attached propertyCaretToEndOfTextOnFocus
Identifies the CaretToEndOfTextOnFocus dependency property. Should be used in MaskedTextInput control only. When set to true, the caret will go to the end of text when receiving focus, no matter the value of SelectionOnFocus property.
Public attached propertyCoerceToMaximum
Identifies the CoerceToMaximum attached property.
Public attached propertyIsEditorTabStop
Identifies the IsEditorTabStop dependency property. If set to false the TextBox in the Template of the MaskedInputControl won't receive focus when tabbing with tab key.
Public attached propertyMaximum
Identifies the Maximum dependency property.
Public attached propertyMaxTextLength
Identifies the MaxTextLength dependency property.
Public attached propertyMinimum
Identifies the Minimum dependency property.
Public attached propertyMinTextLength
Identifies the MinTextLength dependency property.
Public attached propertyRestrictInvalidText
Identifies the RestrictInvalidText dependency property. If set to true, then the display text will be restricted and will not be updated with invalid values.
Public attached propertySelectionStartOnSignChanged
Identifies the SelectionStartOnSignChanged dependency property.
Public attached propertyUseCultureDigits
Identifies the UseCultureDigits dependency property.
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