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Start Using UI for WinUI

The article provides a high-level overview of the steps that you need to perform in order to add Telerik UI for WinUI to your application. If you are looking for a complete tutorial, see Getting Started with Telerik UI for WinUI .


Before using the Telerik controls, verify that your system is configured for WinUI development by following the suggestions in this article.

Create New Application

To create an application and start using Telerik UI for WinUI:

  1. Open Visual Studio 2019 Preview version 16.9 or newer.

  2. Select "Create a new project".

  3. Search for "winui" and select "Blank app, Packaged (WinUI in Desktop)".

    Figure 1: Create WinUI application

    Create WinUI application

  4. Click Next, configure the project, and then create it.

Reference the Assemblies

After you have created a project, add a reference to the Telerik UI for WinUI dlls. You can get them by installing the MSI or by installing a NuGet package.

Add Namespace

All that is left is to declare the namespace of the control that you want to use and define it in xaml. Example 1 demonstrates how to declare the namespace of the RadDataGrid and add it in xaml.

Example 1: Adding RadDataGrid in XAML

    Background="{ThemeResource ApplicationPageBackgroundThemeBrush}"> 
        <telerikGrid:RadDataGrid x:Name="dataGrid" /> 

To learn how to fully configure the RadDataGrid control, see Getting Started with RadDataGrid. Feel free to browse the Controls section of this documentation, where you can learn more about all featured controls in the Telerik UI for WinUI suite.

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