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Implement a Legend Control in Unbound Mode

The RadLegendControl allows a complete customization of the legend items. If you don’t want the content of the legend to be bound to a chart, then you can specify the items explicitly by adding LegendItem items to the LegendItems collection.


Examples 1 and 2 show to implement a RadLegendControl for a BarSeries, where each legend item is defined independently of the chart.

Example 1: Defining the model and viewmodel

public class CustomPoint 
    public double Value { get; set; } 
    public string Category { get; set; } 
public class ViewModel 
    public ViewModel() 
        this.SeriesData = new List<CustomPoint>() 
            new CustomPoint { Category = "Dogs", Value = 10 }, 
            new CustomPoint { Category = "Cats", Value = 14 }, 
            new CustomPoint { Category = "Birds", Value = 5 }, 
    public List<CustomPoint> SeriesData { get; set; } 

Example 2: Defining the RadCartesianChart and RadLegendControl

 <Grid xmlns:telerikChart="using:Telerik.UI.Xaml.Controls.Chart" 
    <telerikChart:RadCartesianChart PaletteName="DefaultLight" Width="300" Height="200"> 
        <telerikChart:BarSeries ItemsSource="{Binding SeriesData}" PaletteMode="DataPoint"> 
                <telerikChart:PropertyNameDataPointBinding PropertyName="Category"/> 
                <telerikChart:PropertyNameDataPointBinding PropertyName="Value"/> 
            <telerikPrimitives:LegendItem Fill="#1E98E4" Stroke="#1E98E4" Title="Dogs"/> 
            <telerikPrimitives:LegendItem Fill="#FFC500" Stroke="#FFC500" Title="Cats"/> 
            <telerikPrimitives:LegendItem Fill="#FF2A00" Stroke="#FF2A00" Title="Birds"/> 

Figure 1: Unbound RadLegendControl

Legend Control-Unbound Mode

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