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  • LegendProvider: Gets or sets the chart provider that the RadLegendControl will use to display its items.

    Example 1: Setting the LegendProvider

        <telerikPrimitives:RadLegendControl LegendProvider="{Binding ElementName=chartName}"/> 
  • ItemsPanel: Represents the items panel that will be used by the legend to display its data.

    Example 2: Setting the ItemsPanel

  • ItemTemplate: Gets or sets the DataTemplate used to display each legend item.

    Example 3: Setting the ItemTemplate

                <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal"> 
                    <Ellipse Fill="{Binding Fill}" Stroke="{Binding Stroke}" StrokeThickness="1" Width="10" Height="10"/> 
                    <TextBlock Text="{Binding Title}" Foreground="{Binding Fill}" Margin="10"> 
  • LegendItems: Represents a collection of LegendItem items that will be displayed. It can be used in Unbound Mode, i.e., you don't use the LegendProvider property to bind to a chart's source, but manually create your custom LegendItems.

    Example 4: Populating the LegendItems

                <telerikPrimitives:LegendItem Stroke="LightGreen" Fill="Black" Title="Green"/> 
                <telerikPrimitives:LegendItem Stroke="Yellow" Fill="Black" Title="Yellow"/> 

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