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RadVirtualGrid allows three types of scroll modes:

  • Smooth: Sets scrolling by pixel, meaning that an item can be partially visible.

  • Discrete: Defines scrolling by only one item at a time.

  • Deferred: Does not cause GUI updates until the user finishes the scrolling operation.

Figure 1: Smooth Scrolling

virtualgrid-overview 001

this.radVirtualGrid1.TableElement.RowScroller.ScrollMode = ItemScrollerScrollModes.Smooth;

Me.RadVirtualGrid1.TableElement.RowScroller.ScrollMode = ItemScrollerScrollModes.Smooth

Figure 2: Discrete Scrolling

virtualgrid-overview 002

this.radVirtualGrid1.TableElement.RowScroller.ScrollMode = ItemScrollerScrollModes.Discrete;

Me.RadVirtualGrid1.TableElement.RowScroller.ScrollMode = ItemScrollerScrollModes.Discrete

Figure 3: Deferred Scrolling

virtualgrid-overview 003

this.radVirtualGrid1.TableElement.RowScroller.ScrollMode = ItemScrollerScrollModes.Deferred;

Me.RadVirtualGrid1.TableElement.RowScroller.ScrollMode = ItemScrollerScrollModes.Deferred

The RadVirtualGrid.UseScrollBarsInHierarchy property is responsible for defining whether vertical scrollbars will appear for the inner child views. By default the property is set to false.

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