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Document Modes

The document presenter is responsible for displaying the pages of the document, navigating in it, managing the selection markers, conversion between view coordinates and document location coordinates, plus proper response to mouse and touch events.

Pages Mode

This document presenter displays the pages in a vertical order and is used by default by RadPdfViewer. There is a fixed margin between the pages, and each page is centered horizontally inside the RadPdfViewer.

Figure 1: Pages Mode

pdfviewer-overview 001

Single Page Mode (Fit Full Page)

This document presenter displays a single page at a time inside the viewer. The page is vertically and horizontally centered. In order to enable this mode, set the FitFullPage property to true.

Fit Full Page

this.radPdfViewer1.FitFullPage = true;

Me.RadPdfViewer1.FitFullPage = True

Figure 2: Fit Full Width

pdfviewer-overview 001

Fit Full Width

This mode fills the window with each page and scroll through pages continuously.

this.radPdfViewer1.FitToWidth = true;

Me.RadPdfViewer1.FitToWidth = True

Figure 3: Fit To Width

pdfviewer-overview 001

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