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Unsupported features

The unsupported features include:

  • Type3 fonts;

  • Almost all fonts that are embedded in the PDF file should be displayed correctly. There are minimal limitations with some font formats;

  • There are some limitations with CCITTFaxDecode filter;

  • Lab, ICCBased color spaces;

  • Password protection.

  • JPXDecode filter: This filter does not work out of the box. However, there is API allowing to plug-in custom user-defined filters. This API is described in the Customize PDF Rendering article.

  • Annotations: Full support for Widget and Link annotations. All other types of annotations are supported in read-only mode.

  • Structured content: There are several ways to define structured content in a PDF file. RadPdfViewer does not support document outline and article threads.

When a PDF file contains some of these items, it may be shown incorrectly or not shown at all.

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