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Install using NuGet Packages

This article describes how you can install the WinForms suite using a NuGet package. There are two ways for getting the NuGet packages:

Manually Download NuGet Packages

  1. First you need to log in using your licensed account. This way you will be able to download the packages:

    installation-deployment-and-distribution-install-using-nuget 001


    The following article shows where you can find the downloads section Download Product Files

  2. Then you need to add packages to Visual Studio. Open the NuGet manager and then click the options button:

    installation-deployment-and-distribution-install-using-nuget 002

  3. Add new package source. The Source should point to the folder with the NuGets:

    installation-deployment-and-distribution-install-using-nuget 003

  4. The final step is to select and install the desired packages. Please note that there are two versions, one for .NET 2.0 to 3.5 and one for 2.0 or newer.

Download from the NuGet server

You need to add the Telerik package server (https://nuget.telerik.com/nuget) to the package sources in visual studio.

  1. First open the Options window:

    installation-deployment-and-distribution-install-using-nuget 002

  2. Add new source and add the server to the Source field:

    installation-deployment-and-distribution-install-using-nuget 004

  3. When the Package Source is selected you will be prompted for a user name and a password. Use the credentials for your Telerik Account:

    installation-deployment-and-distribution-install-using-nuget 005

  4. Then you can just select and install the desired NuGet packages.

    installation-deployment-and-distribution-install-using-nuget 006

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