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Developer Focused Examples

Additional demos for some of the Telerik UI for Winforms controls are available in the WinForms SDK repository. The examples demonstrate various specific user case scenarios. In this article you can find the complete list of all KB resources and SDK examples of RadGridView.

KB Article SDK Example
Custom Values in GridViewComboBoxColumn https://github.com/telerik/winforms-sdk/tree/master/GridView/CustomValuesInGridViewComboBoxColumn
Permanent Editor in a Filter Cell https://github.com/telerik/winforms-sdk/tree/master/GridView/PermanentDropDownListEditorInFilterCell
Filtering Indicators in GridView https://github.com/telerik/winforms-sdk/tree/master/GridView/FilterinIngIndicatorsInGridView
AutoSizeEntireRow https://github.com/telerik/winforms-sdk/tree/master/GridView/AutoSizeEntireRow
Custom Checkbox Header Cell https://github.com/telerik/winforms-sdk/tree/master/GridView/GridCustomHeaderCheckox
How to reorder rows in bound RadGridView https://github.com/telerik/winforms-sdk/tree/master/GridView/BoundGridReorderRows

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