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RadMaskedEditBox is a themeable text box that formats and constrains text to a predefined pattern or a pattern you define. RadMaskedEditBox also handles globalization for date and time edits. Date and Time masks allow the user to navigate using the up and down arrow keys.

Figure 1: RadMaskedEditBox Types

editors-maskededitbox-overview 001

The MaskType property defines what type of mask would be used in the masked box:

Figure 2: MaskType Property

editors-maskededitbox-overview 002

  • None

  • DateTime

  • Numeric

  • Standard

  • Regex: For example mask [A-z] will check for at least one symbol in this range (A-z) in RadMaskEditBox’s text:

Figure 3: Regex Mask

editors-maskededitbox-overview 003

  • IP: Allows user to input only 3 digits in 0-255 range in four groups.

Figure 4: IP Mask

editors-maskededitbox-overview 004

  • Email: Validate user input for the valid mail. If this email is not valid will notify user with validation icon:

Figure 5: Email Mask

editors-maskededitbox-overview 005

Additional features supported by RadMaskedEditoBox are:

  • Null value support

  • Easy navigation between text parts of DateTimeMask

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