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Properties and Events



Property Description
AutoCompleteMode Specifies the mode for the automatic completion feature used in the DropDownList and the TextBox controls.
MaxLength Gets or sets the maximum number of characters the user can type or paste into the text box control.
CheckedDropDownListElement Gives you access to the RadCheckedDropDownListElement instance.
ReadOnly Gets or sets a value indicating whether the drop down list is read only.
Items Gets a collection representing the items contained in this RadCheckedDropDownList.
CheckedItems Gets a collection representing the checked items contained in this RadCheckedDropDownList.
CheckedMember Gets or sets a string which will be used to get a description text string for each visual item. This property can not be set to null. Setting it to null will cause it to contain an empty string.
ShowCheckAllItems Show or Hide the CheckAll item.


Event Description
TokenValidating Occurs when text is validating as token
TextBlockFormatting Occurs when text block is formatting.
CreateTextBlock Occurs when an instance of ITextBlock is created.
ItemCheckedChanging Occurs when a ListViewDataItem is about to be checked. Cancelable.
ItemCheckedChanged Occurs when a ListViewDataItem is checked.


Property Description
Checked Sets the value indicates whether the item is checked. The value is reflected in the RadCheckedDropDownList and in the DataBoundItem if such exists and RadCheckedDropDownList has its CheckedMember set accordingly.
Owner Gets the owner RadListElement.
Selected Gets or sets a value that indicates if this item is selected. Setting this property will cause the selection events of the owner list control to fire if there is one.

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