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IEvent Interface
Represents a interface that an object should implement in order to be used as a schedule object in RadScheduler.

Namespace: Telerik.WinControls.UI
Assembly: Telerik.WinControls.Scheduler (in Telerik.WinControls.Scheduler.dll) Version: 2018.3.911.40 (2018.3.911.40)
public interface IEvent : IDataBoundItem, INotifyPropertyChanged

The IEvent type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllDay
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this event is an all day event.
Public propertyAllowDelete
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this event can be deleted.
Public propertyAllowEdit
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this event can be edited.
Public propertyBackgroundId
Gets or sets the background id.
Public propertyCultureInfoProvider
Gets or sets the culture info provider.
Public propertyDataItem (Inherited from IDataBoundItem.)
Public propertyDescription
Gets or sets the description.
Public propertyDuration
Gets or sets the duration of the event.
Public propertyEnd
Gets or sets the end of the event.
Public propertyExceptions
Gets the exceptions.
Public propertyLocation
Gets or sets the location.
Public propertyMasterEvent
Gets the master event.
Public propertyOccurrences
Gets the occurrences.
Public propertyRecurrenceId
Gets or sets the recurrent Id date for this event.
Public propertyRecurrenceRule
Gets or sets the recurrence rule.
Public propertyResourceId
Gets or sets the resource id.
Public propertyResourceIds
Public propertyStart
Gets or sets the start of the event.
Public propertyStatusId
Gets or sets the status id.
Public propertySummary
Gets or sets the summary.
Public propertyTimeZone
Gets or sets the time zone for this event.
Public propertyToolTipText
Gets or sets the tool tip text.
Public propertyUniqueId
Gets or sets the unique id of this event.
Public propertyVisible
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this IEvent is visible.
Public methodAddOccurrenceException
Makes the specified occurrence an exception.
Public methodCreateOccurrence(DateTime)
Creates a occurrence of this event.
Public methodCreateOccurrence(DateTime, Boolean)
Creates a occurrence of this event.
Public methodSetDataItem (Inherited from IDataBoundItem.)
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