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DragDropService Class
Encapsulates the core drag-and-drop functionality for a RadDock instance. What RadDock does is to start and stop the service when drag operation is instanciated.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Telerik.WinControls.UI.Docking
Assembly: Telerik.WinControls.RadDock (in Telerik.WinControls.RadDock.dll) Version: 2018.3.1016.40 (2018.3.1016.40)
public class DragDropService : StateService, 

The DragDropService type exposes the following members.

Public methodDragDropService
Default constructor.
Public propertyAllowedDockManagerEdges
Determines what of the owning RadDock instance's edges will be allowed for drop.
Public propertyAllowedStates
Gets or sets the allowed states for committing drag-and-drop operation.
Public propertyAvailableAtDesignTime
Drag-and-drop service is available at design-time (in preview mode only).
(Overrides StateServiceAvailableAtDesignTime.)
Public propertyContext
Gets the context associated with the current operation. This member is valid only while the Service is started or paused.
(Inherited from StateService.)
Public propertyDisposing (Inherited from RadDockObject.)
Public propertyDockManager
Gets the RadDock instance this service is registered with.
(Inherited from RadDockService.)
Protected propertyDockManagerDesignMode
Determines whether the associated RadDock instance (if any) is in design mode.
(Inherited from RadDockService.)
Public propertyDragDropBehavior
Gets or sets the behavior of the service when it is running. Allows for specifying manual behavior, which enables service automation.
Public propertyDragDropContext
Gets the DragDropContext value, which defines what is the current drag context.
Public propertyDragDropMode
Gets or sets the mode used by the service to perform drag-and-drop operations.
Public propertyDropAnchor
Gets the target of the drop operation. This member is valid only while the service is started and may be null.
Public propertyEnabled
Determines whether the Service is enabled (may be started). If the Service is working and its is disabled, it will end its current operation.
(Inherited from RadDockService.)
Protected propertyEvents (Inherited from RadDockObject.)
Public propertyHitTestResult
Gets the hit-test result of the current drag-drop operation. Valid only while the service is started.
Public propertyIsDisposed (Inherited from RadDockObject.)
Public propertyShowDockingGuides
Gets or Sets the value which indicates whether the docking guides will be shown.
Public propertyState
Gets the current state of the service.
(Inherited from StateService.)
Protected methodAbort
Aborts the current operation without applying any changes.
(Inherited from StateService.)
Public methodCanOperate
Determines whether the service is operational and may perform actions.
(Inherited from RadDockService.)
Protected methodCanStart
Determines whether the service can start using the provided context.
(Overrides StateServiceCanStart(Object).)
Protected methodCommit
Commits the drag-and-drop operation.
(Overrides StateServiceCommit.)
Public methodDispose
Forces object clean-up and resource release.
(Inherited from RadDockObject.)
Protected methodDispose(Boolean)
Performs the actual dispose logic.
(Inherited from RadDockObject.)
Protected methodDisposeManagedResources
Protected methodDisposeUnmanagedResources
Disposes any unmanaged resources associated with this instance.
(Inherited from RadDockObject.)
Protected methodDrag
Preforms a drag pass, during which a hit-test operation is performed and docking guides and hints are updated respectively.
Public methodGetDockingGuideAllowedPosition
Gets the allowed position for the currently displayed guide for the specified guide position.
Public methodGetDockingGuideBounds
Gets the current screen bounds for the specified DockingGuide.
Protected methodGetDragLocation
Gets the current location for a dragged object. The associated object depends on the current drag mode - it may be a FloatingWindow or a DockingHintPopup instance.
Protected methodGetDropTarget
Searches for a drop target under the cursor position. May return null if no appropriate control is found.
Protected methodIsContextValid
Determines whether the provides context is valid and a drag-drop operation may be instanciated.
(Overrides StateServiceIsContextValid(Object).)
Protected methodOnDockingGuidesTemplateChanged
Receives notification for a change in the current docking guides template.
Protected methodOnDockManagerChanged
Protected methodOnDragging
Raises the Dragging notification.
Protected methodOnEnabledChanged
Provides additional processing for a change in the Enabled state.
(Inherited from StateService.)
Protected methodOnPropertyChanged
Raises the PropertyChanged event.
(Inherited from RadDockObject.)
Protected methodOnPropertyChanging
Raises the PropertyChanging notification.
(Inherited from RadDockObject.)
Protected methodOnStarted
Notifies that the service has been successfully started. Allows inheritors to perform some additional logic upon start.
(Inherited from StateService.)
Protected methodOnStarting
Notifies that a start request has occured. Cancelable.
(Inherited from StateService.)
Protected methodOnStopped
Notifies that a running operation has stopped. Allows inheritors to perform some additional logic upon stop.
(Inherited from StateService.)
Protected methodOnStopping
Notifies for a Stop request.
(Overrides StateServiceOnStopping(StateServiceStoppingEventArgs).)
Public methodPause
Pauses a currently running operation.
(Inherited from StateService.)
Public methodPerformDrag
Performs a drag pass. Allows for service automation. The service must be started for this method to execute properly.
Protected methodPerformPause
Performs the core Pause logic.
(Inherited from StateService.)
Protected methodPerformResume
Performs the core Resume logic.
(Inherited from StateService.)
Protected methodPerformStart
Preforms the core start process.
(Overrides StateServicePerformStart.)
Protected methodPerformStop
Performs the core stop process.
(Overrides StateServicePerformStop.)
Protected methodPositonDockingGuides
Updates all docking guides' bounds on the screen.
Public methodResume
Resumes previously paused operation.
(Inherited from StateService.)
Protected methodSetContext
Sets the provided object as the current context.
(Inherited from StateService.)
Protected methodShouldSerializeProperty
Determines whether the property with the specified name needs serialization.
(Inherited from RadDockObject.)
Public methodStart(Object)
Starts the Service. If the service was previously paused, it should be re-started with the Resume method.
(Inherited from StateService.)
Public methodStart(Object, Point)
Starts the service with the specified context, using the provided Point as initial.
Public methodStop
Stops currently working or previously stopped service.
(Inherited from StateService.)
Public eventDisposed
Notifies that the object is disposed.
(Inherited from RadDockObject.)
Public eventDragging
Notifies for a Drag event of the service. While working, this notification will be raised upon each mouse move event.
Public eventPreviewDockPosition
Allows listeners to preview and optionally modify the allowed dock position for the hit-tested drop target.
Public eventPreviewDropTarget
Allows listeners to preview and optionally change the currently hit-tested drop target.
Public eventPreviewHitTest
Allows listeners to preview and optionally change the current hit-test result generated by the service upon a drag operation.
Public eventPropertyChanged (Inherited from RadDockObject.)
Public eventPropertyChanging
(Inherited from RadDockObject.)
Public eventStarted
Raised right after the service is started.
(Inherited from StateService.)
Public eventStarting
Raised when the service is about to be started.
(Inherited from StateService.)
Public eventStopped
Raised when the service is stopped.
(Inherited from StateService.)
Public eventStopping
Raised when the service is about to be stopped.
(Inherited from StateService.)
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