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TimeCategoryContent Properties

The TimeCategoryContent type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCategory
Gets the category.
(Overrides CategoryContentBaseCategory.)
Public propertyCellValue
Gets or sets the cell value.
(Inherited from CategoryContentBase.)
Public propertyCellValueFormat
Gets or sets the cell value format.
(Inherited from CategoryContentBase.)
Public propertyCultureInfos
Gets the culture infos.
Public propertyDateTimeItems
Gets the date time items.
Public propertyDpiScaleFactor (Inherited from CategoryContentBase.)
Public propertyInfo
Gets the info.
(Overrides CategoryContentBaseInfo.)
Public propertyInitialFormatString
Gets the initial format string.
(Overrides CategoryContentBaseInitialFormatString.)
Public propertySampleValue
Gets or sets the sample value.
(Inherited from CategoryContentBase.)
Public propertySelectedCulture
Gets or sets the selected culture.
Public propertySelectedDateTimeItem
Gets or sets the selected date time item.
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