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DataGroup Properties

The DataGroup type exposes the following members.

Protected propertyCache (Inherited from DataItemGroupTDataItem.)
Public propertyGroupBuilder
This property is used internally.
(Inherited from DataItemGroupTDataItem.)
Public propertyGroupDescriptor
Gets the GroupDescriptor associated with this group.
Public propertyGroupRow
Gets the group row.
Public propertyGroups
Gets the groups.
Public propertyHeader (Overrides GroupTHeader.)
Public propertyIsExpanded
Gets the expanded state of the group.
Public propertyIsValid
Determines whether the group is in valid state (present in its owning data view).
Public propertyItem (Overrides GroupTItemInt32.)
Public propertyItemCount
Gets the item count.
(Inherited from GroupT.)
Protected propertyItems (Inherited from DataItemGroupTDataItem.)
Public propertyKey
Gets the key of the group.
(Inherited from GroupT.)
Public propertyLevel
Get the zero-based depth of the Group
(Inherited from GroupT.)
Public propertyParent
Gets the parent.
(Inherited from GroupT.)
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