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FormattedText Properties

The FormattedText type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBaseLine
BaseLine Property
Public propertyBgColor
Public propertyBlockSize
Get or sets the Size the current text block
Public propertyBulletFontName
Public propertyBulletFontSize
Public propertyBulletFontStyle
Public propertyBulletSize
Public propertyContentAlignment
current block content alignment
Public propertyDrawingRectangle
Public propertyFontColor
Public propertyFontName
Public propertyFontSize
Get or sets FontSize the current text block Note: recreate the font
Public propertyFontStyle
Public propertyHtmlTag
Get or sets HTML tag of the current text block
Public propertyImage
Get or sets Image for the current text block Current block should be named Image block
Public propertyIsClosingTag
Public propertyLink
Public propertyListType
Public propertyNumber
Public propertyOffset
Public propertyOffsetSize
Public propertyShouldDisplayBullet
Public propertyStartNewLine
Public propertyText
Get or set the text
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