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RadTypeResolver Properties

The RadTypeResolver type exposes the following members.

Public propertyStatic memberInstance
Gets the only instance of the resolver.
Public propertyResolveTypesInCurrentAssembly
Gets or sets value indicating whether the TypeResolver should look up types in the calling assembly only. This option (if set to true) is very usefull particularly in the case when all the assemblies of the application, including the Telerik assemblies are merged into a single assembly.
Public propertyTypeResolverAssemblyName
Gets or sets value indicating the search pattern for assembly in the domain that contains the types referenced in RadControls theme files.
By default the types referencd in theme files are contained in assemblies with the name "Telerik"
Public propertyTypeResolverAssemblyVersion
Gets or sets value indicating the version of the assembly specified in TypeResolverAssemblyName
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