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RadPropertyValue Properties

The RadPropertyValue type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAnimatedValue
Gets the current animated value.
Public propertyAnimationSetting
Gets the animation setting (if any) for this property.
Public propertyBindingLocalValue
Gets the value which is set through a two-way property binding. This value has higher priority that the local one.
Public propertyCurrentValue
Gets the current value for the property.
Public propertyDefaultValueOverride
Gets the custom default value associated with this property.
Public propertyHasBoundObjects
Determines whether we have objects already bound to this property.
Public propertyIsCompositionLocked
Determines whether current value composition is currently locked.
Public propertyIsCurrentValueCoerced
The current value is forced to some custom value by a Coerce callback.
Public propertyIsSetAtDesignTime
Determines whether the current local value (if any) is set at design-time.
Public propertyIsUpdatingValue
Determines whether we are in a process of updating a modifier.
Public propertyLocalValue
Gets the local value for this property.
Public propertyMetadata
Gets the Metadata associated with this property for the current owner.
Public propertyProperty
Gets the index of the associated RadProperty.
Public propertyPropertyBinding
Gets the property binding relation for this property.
Public propertyStyleSetting
Gets the current style setting for the property.
Public propertyStyleVersion
Gets the current style version
Public propertyValueSource
Gets the source of the current value.
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