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RadImageShape Properties

The RadImageShape type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAlpha
Gets or sets the opacity of the rendered image. Valid values are within the interval [0, 1].
Public propertyImage
Gets or sets the image to be rendered.
Public propertyImageStream
Gets or sets the string representation of the
Public propertyInterpolationMode
Gets or sets the interpolation mode to be applied on the device context when image is rendered.
Public propertyMargins
Gets or sets the Padding structure that defines the margins of the segmented image.
Public propertyPadding
Gets or sets the Padding structure that defines offset when the image is rendered to the destination rectangle.
Public propertyPaintMode
Gets or sets the mode to be used when image is painted.
Public propertyRotateFlip
Gets or sets the RotateFlipType value that defines additional transform on the rendered image.
Public propertyUseSegments
Determines whether the image will be rendered using segments.
Public propertyVisibleSegments
Determines which segments from the image will be painted.
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