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SnapToGrid Properties

The SnapToGrid type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCachedSnap
Gets the precached snap distance. Doesn't need to be equal to any of the SnapFixed or SnapRelative properties.
Public propertyFieldWidth
Width of a single box in the snap grid. It's value cannot be less than or equal to zero.
Public propertyIsLastSnapped
Public propertySnapFixed
Sets/Gets the snap distance for fixed type snapping. Does not activate fixed type snapping. SnapType
Public propertySnappedPoint
Public propertySnapRelative
Sets/Gets the relative snap distance. Does not activate relative type snapping. SnapType
Public propertySnapType
Set the snap type to be one of the following: SnapTypes.Relative - snap distance is relative to the FieldWidth SnapFixed SnapTypes.Fixed - snap distance is fixed
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