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HierarchicalSelector Properties

The HierarchicalSelector type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAutoUnapply
Gets or sets a value indicating whether auto-un-apply is on or off.
(Inherited from SelectorBase.)
Protected propertyCanUseCache
Public propertyChildSelector (Inherited from SelectorBase.)
Public propertyCondition
Gets or sets the Condition upon which to apply the customization.
(Inherited from SelectorBase.)
Public propertyDisableStyle (Inherited from SelectorBase.)
Public propertyHasApplyCondition
Gets a value indicating whether the an apply condition is set.
(Inherited from SelectorBase.)
Public propertyIsActiveSelectorInStyleBuilder
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the current selector is the active one in style builder
(Inherited from SelectorBase.)
Public propertyUnapplyCondition
Gets or sets the condition upon which to un-apply the customization.
(Inherited from SelectorBase.)
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