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QueryablePropertyGroupDescription Properties

The QueryablePropertyGroupDescription type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAutoShowSubTotals
Gets or sets value that indicates whether the subtotals for the GroupDescription should be displayed when possible or not. The default value is true - the subtotals are displayed when possible (depending on the subtotals position properties of RadPivotGrid).
(Inherited from GroupDescription.)
Public propertyCalculatedItems
Gets the collection of calculated items that are used to initialize a group with a set of subgroups and summarized value.
(Inherited from QueryableGroupDescription.)
Public propertyCustomName
Gets or sets the custom name that will be used as display name.
(Inherited from DescriptionBase.)
Public propertyDisplayName
Gets the display-friendly name.
(Inherited from DescriptionBase.)
Public propertyGroupComparer
Gets the GroupComparer that will be used for group comparisons.
(Inherited from GroupDescriptionBase.)
Public propertyGroupFilter
Gets a GroupFilter implementation for this instance that would be used to filter the groups.
(Inherited from GroupDescription.)
Protected propertyNeedsProcessing
Gets a value indicating whether grouped data should be processed before handing it over to the engine.
(Inherited from QueryablePropertyGroupDescriptionBase.)
Public propertyParent
Gets the SettingsNode this SettingsNode is used in.
(Inherited from SettingsNode.)
Public propertyPropertyName
Gets or sets a value identifying a property on the grouped items.
(Inherited from QueryablePropertyGroupDescriptionBase.)
Public propertyCode exampleShowGroupsWithNoData
Gets or sets value that indicates whether well known groups should be created even if there are no items for them.
Grouping by days may require groups for the empty days in the current month.
Grouping by persons may require groups all persons even if they do not contain any items within the current context.
(Inherited from GroupDescription.)
Public propertySortOrder
Gets the SortOrder that will be used for group sorting.
(Inherited from GroupDescriptionBase.)
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