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IDataProvider Properties

The IDataProvider type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAggregatesLevel
Gets or sets the position where groups for the aggregates should be placed.
Public propertyAggregatesPosition
Gets or sets a value indicating where the aggregate groups should be positioned.
Public propertyDeferUpdates
Gets or sets a property that indicates if changes to the grouping settings would trigger computations immediately when invalidated or on explicit Refresh.
Public propertyFieldInfos
Gets the IFieldInfoData instance that provided information for all available properties of the data source.
Public propertyHasPendingChanges
Gets a value that indicates if there are pending changes since the last Refresh. The value will be true after a change is applied. The value will be false after an automatic or user triggered Refresh. The value will be false during any work or download process so even if false Results may not be ready yet. In that case you may check Status for additional information.
Public propertyResults
Gets the results from the last grouping.
Public propertySettings
Gets or sets the IPivotSettings instance that is being used.
Public propertyState
Gets the state object that is provided to GetDescriptionsDataAsync(Object) method.
Public propertyStatus
Gets the status of this instance.
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