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CalculatedAggregateDescription Properties

The CalculatedAggregateDescription type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCalculatedField
Gets the CalculatedField associated with this CalculatedAggregateDescription based on CalculatedFieldName.
Public propertyCalculatedFieldName
Gets or sets the Name of the calculated field used in this CalculatedAggregateDescription.
Public propertyCustomName
Gets or sets the custom name that will be used as display name.
(Inherited from DescriptionBase.)
Public propertyDisplayName
Gets the display-friendly name.
(Inherited from DescriptionBase.)
Public propertyDisplayValueAsKpi
Gets a value indicating whether aggregate values should be interpreted as KPIs.
(Inherited from AggregateDescriptionBase.)
Public propertyParent
Gets the SettingsNode this SettingsNode is used in.
(Inherited from SettingsNode.)
Public propertyStringFormat (Inherited from LocalAggregateDescription.)
Public propertyStringFormatSelector (Inherited from LocalAggregateDescription.)
Public propertyTotalFormat
Gets or sets the TotalFormat used to format the generated aggregate values.
(Inherited from AggregateDescriptionBase.)
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