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StyleSeriesItem Properties

The StyleSeriesItem type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBorder
Specifies the border style
(Inherited from Style.)
Public propertyCorners
Specifies the corners for background rectangle
Public propertyExploded
Exploded of item in Pie series
Public propertyFillStyle
Specifies the background property
Public propertyPointDimentions
Specifies the dimensions of points in point series
Public propertyPointRotationAngle
Specifies the Rotation angle
Public propertyPointShape
Specifies the figure property for point series
Public propertyShadow
Specifies item's shadow
(Overrides StyleShadow.)
Protected propertyViewStateIgnoresCase
Gets if view sate should ignore case
(Inherited from StateManagedObject.)
Public propertyVisible
Specifies visibility
(Inherited from Style.)
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