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StyleSeries Properties

The StyleSeries type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBarWidthPercent
Determines the width of bars.
Public propertyBorder
Specifies the border
(Overrides StyleBorder.)
Public propertyBubbleSize
Default bubble size
Public propertyCenterXOffset
Specifies the x offset of the pie center.
Public propertyCenterYOffset
Specifies the y offset of the pie center.
Public propertyCorners
Specifies the corners for background rectangle
Public propertyDiameterScale
Gets or sets the pie's diameter length according to the size of the plot area.
Public propertyEmptyValue
Empty value point mark
Public propertyExplodePercent
Gets or sets the explode percent of the exploded items.
Public propertyFillStyle
Specifies the background property
Public propertyLabelAppearance
Gets or sets the common settings for the series items labels
Public propertyLegendDisplayMode
Legend visualization mode
Public propertyLineSeriesAppearance
Line, Spline, Bezier series line style
Public propertyPointDimentions
Specifies the dimensions of points in point series
Public propertyPointMark
Series points appearance
Public propertyPointRotationAngle
Specifies the Rotation angle
Public propertyPointShape
Specifies the shape for point series
Public propertyShadow
Specifies the shadow settings
(Inherited from Style.)
Public propertyShowLabelConnectors
Specifies whether a line should be drawn between the label and the item.
Public propertyShowLabels
Specifies whether the item labels should be shown or not.
Public propertyStartAngle
Gets or sets the start angle of the pie. Zero angle is identical with the X axis direction.
Public propertyTextAppearance
Gets or sets the common text settings for the series items
Protected propertyViewStateIgnoresCase
Gets if view sate should ignore case
(Inherited from StateManagedObject.)
Public propertyVisible
Specifies visibility of series
(Overrides StyleVisible.)
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