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StyleChart Properties

The StyleChart type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBarOverlapPercent
Determines how much of the bar's area is overlapped in multiple bar charts.
Public propertyBarWidthPercent
Determines the width of bars.
Public propertyBorder
Specifies the border style
(Inherited from Style.)
Public propertyCorners
Specifies the corners for background rectangle
Public propertyDimensions
Specifies the elements Dimensions property
(Inherited from LayoutStyle.)
Public propertyFillStyle
Specifies the background property
Public propertyImageQuality
Specifies the quality at which chart image is rendered.
Public propertyPosition
Specifies the elements Position property
(Inherited from LayoutStyle.)
Public propertyShadow
Specifies the shadow settings
(Inherited from Style.)
Public propertyTextQuality
Specifies the quality at which text in chart is rendered.
Protected propertyViewStateIgnoresCase
Gets if view sate should ignore case
(Inherited from StateManagedObject.)
Public propertyVisible
Gets visibility of chart
(Overrides StyleVisible.)
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