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BindableLegendItem Properties

The BindableLegendItem type exposes the following members.

Public propertyActiveRegion
Gets and sets Active region
(Inherited from ChartBaseLabel.)
Public propertyAppearance
Link to visualization and design properties
(Inherited from ChartLabel.)
Public propertyBindableLegendItemSource
Source object item bound to
Public propertyContainer
Link to container element
(Inherited from RenderedObject.)
Public propertyMarker
Graphic marker of label
(Inherited from ChartBaseLabel.)
Public propertyName
Gets and sets Label name in collection
(Inherited from LabelItem.)
Public propertyNextPosition
Gets a next free order position
(Inherited from ChartBaseLabel.)
Public propertyOrderList
List, that represent the render order for taken up elements
(Inherited from ChartBaseLabel.)
Public propertyParent
Gets and sets Parent element
(Inherited from ChartBaseLabel.)
Public propertyTextBlock
ChartLabel TextBlock
(Inherited from ChartBaseLabel.)
Protected propertyViewStateIgnoresCase
Gets if view sate should ignore case
(Inherited from StateManagedObject.)
Public propertyVisible
Gets and sets label's visibility
(Inherited from ChartBaseLabel.)
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