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ApocDriver Properties

The ApocDriver type exposes the following members.

Public propertyStatic memberActiveDriver
Gets or sets the active ApocDriver.
Public propertyBaseDirectory
Gets or sets the base directory used to locate external resourcs such as images.
Public propertyCloseOnExit
Determines if the output stream should be automatically closed upon completion of the render process.
Public propertyCode exampleCredentials
Gets a reference to a CredentialCache object that manages credentials for multiple Internet resources.
Public propertyImageHandler
Gets or sets the handler that is responsible for loading the image data for external graphics.
Public propertyOptions
Options that are passed to the rendering engine.
Public propertyStatic memberProductKey
Write only property that can be used to bypass licenses.licx and set a product key directly.
Public propertyRenderer
Determines which rendering engine to use.
Public propertyTimeout
Gets or sets the time in milliseconds until an HTTP image request times out.
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